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CHAOS: Master the Power of Focus

Take Your Business To New Profitability Leveraging A Business Planning System That Is EASY & FAST:

Master the Power of Business Planning & Other Business Strategies With, James Burgess Author of CHAOS.

A FREE to You Copy of James Burgess’ International Bestselling book CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus.

Inside You Will Discover…


  1. The international best-selling book CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus. Get your copy HERE
  2. FOCUS Yourself; A 7-Module Business Plan Program. Start your business plan NOW HERE
  3. FOCUS Your Business In Just 30-Days webinar HERE.
  4. A Business Planning Consultation where you will talk business, your business, a deep dive with international best-selling author James Burgess. REGISTER HERE


There is a new breed of business owner in the marketplace today. They care about people, the environment, and their communities. They do not run their businesses casually.

These business owners however, share one critical constraint …every dollar counts!

If you want more clarity, effectiveness, and focus in your business and if you want to achieve the business $UCCE$$ that today you still only dream about and you want that solution to be economically viable then our Focus Accountability Business Plan System™ programs may be your answer.

Gerry Robert, Founder of Black Card Books

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