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CHAOS: Master the Power of Focus

Take Your Business To New Profitability Leveraging A Business Planning System That Is EASY & FAST:

Master the Power of Business Planning & Other Business Strategies With, James Burgess Author of CHAOS.

A FREE to You Copy of James Burgess’ International Bestselling book CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus.

Inside You Will Discover:

  • The Equation For Success That Will Help You Break Through The Barriers Keeping A Cap On Your Business Income!
  • The 5 Secrets To Effective Business Planning!
  • The One Crucial Technique That Will Immediately Increase Your Revenue and Your Focus!
  • The 5 Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose and Creating a Vision for Your Business that Motivates and Inspires! Hint: It starts with being very clear about what you don’t want!


Whatever the size of your business, whatever the complexity, whatever your learning style as a business owner, FOCUS31 offers an array of business planning and management consulting services to fit.

Start with a FREE Business Plan with FOCUS Yourself; A 7- Module Business Plan Program.  This isn’t a useless business plan template this is a full modular program that will enable you to build your business plan FAST and EASILY through our unique step by step video tutorials.  You’ll also learn how to SUATAIN your business plan indefinitely with as little as 10-mintues/day ensuring it is always relevant.

Gerry Robert, Founder of Black Card Books

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  1. FREE Webinar How To FOCUS Your Business In Just 30-Days and learn how to build a business that will THRIVE not just survive.

Are you a small business owner that is WORRIED, FRUSTRATED, or even out right ANGRY that your business isn’t delivering the business ownership experience you had hoped for and still DREAM about?  Do you want to feel OPTIMISTIC, HOPEFUL, or even RELIEVED that you are in control and successfully growing your business?  Then register for our FREE How To FOCUS Your Business In Just 30-Days webinar.  On this webinar you’ll discover how to get clarity and accountability for your business, and stay on track, in just 30 days!  Learn the 3 pitfalls that lead to the DEMISE of small businesses and how to overcome them through FOCUS on, and accountability for, the activities that will truly advance your business enabling you to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your REVENUES. Watch the introductory video and register NOW!

Proven Business Plan for Increasing Profits Webinar

How to Focus Your Business in Just 30 Days!
  1. Eliminate Business CHAOS & Become FOCUSED For Success with a FREE Business Plan –  FOCUS Yourself; A 7-Module Business Plan Program. 

The Radical FOCUS Guru, James Burgess (author of CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master The Power of Focus) is letting his business plan SECRETS out of the bag, making his genius available to any; Business Owner, Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Department Head or Executive Director of a Not-For-Profit with… FOCUS Yourself; A 7 Module FREE Business Plan Program.  If you are a DIY kind of business owner or team leader and you know you should have a business plan but are sick and tired of the nonsense of creating 25-page plans that do nothing but collect dust in a credenza, then REGISTER NOW for this unique business plan methodology that creates a single page plan and makes it EASY, FAST, SUSTAINABLE and therefore ensures it is entirely PRACTICAL.  Listen as our 7-Module program leads you step by step in creating an operational plan that will enable you to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your revenues. 

What Changes If You Stayed Focused on Money-Making Activities that Built Your Business Success Week After Week?

We at FOCUS31 believe EVERYTHING changes…for the BETTER!

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FREE Business Plan Consultations

Are you ready to be honest, BRUTALLY hoest about your business? Register NOW for our FREE Business Plan Consultation – The FOCUS Discovery Consultation ($497 value) with renowned Business Plan Expert, James Burgess.

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