A powerful approach to business planning… “It gives you a quick, easy plan of action for each week, month – or perhaps even each day”.  Eva Rosenberg, EA
James Burgess, Focus31, PlanI couldn’t agree more.  A business plan provides clear focus on where you are headed over the near term (3 years is best) – a Vision Statement and Mission Statement to guide business principles.   Objectives to measure success against and to hold the business owner accountable,  Strategies to build the business from and Action Plans to be implemented for continuous improvement and again accountability.

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Listen, though if it isn’t easy, fast, entirely practical and sustainable no business owner will take the time to engage.   I’d suggest that if your plan is more than 1 to 2 pages you are using too much irrelevant verbiage.  Keep it tight, short forms and specific .  Always work from the premise of; get it down then get it right.  Create a business plan quickly and improve your awareness of good planning skills over the course of time.  You didn’t know what 2+2 was when you were born so don’t try and get a perfect plan your first time.  
Here are some quick tips:

  1. Build your annual plan fast so it is relevant
  2. Break the annual plan down to Quarterly segments of radical focus on the critical action plans and revenue for the next 90-days.
  3. Engage in your plan weekly for 15 minutes to advance action plans by doing the To Do work that ensures the Action Plans are accomplished   

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