Time-management, james burgess, focus31I’ve previously shared 8 of 10 Steps to correct your Time Management issue. They were:

Step #1: Set the Objective and reverse engineer the process
Step#2: Chunk Down

Step#3: START the work
Step #4: Negotiate time & interruptions with stakeholders
Step #5: Time Block & Batch Process

Step #6: “Put the first thing first” (Stephen Covey)
Step #7: Write down Weekly commitments
Step #8: Reward & Recognize and sometimes……punish

But I also shared that the idea you can fix your time management issues is all a HOAX, a sham, perpetuated by “business coaches” and consultants who want billable hours to build revenue from the same business pain over and over again.

While all of the Steps we have shared from 1 through 8 are excellent and will, when practiced consistently, relieve frustrations with time management issues, they are much as any advisor would recommend.

It is only with our final steps #9 & #10, the 2-True Easy Steps To Conquer Time Management, the 2-Steps no “business coach” or consultant dare share or lose billable hours, that the solution to Time Management can be found.

Step #9: Recognize, Accept and Do something about it because all Time Management issues are about FEAR!

If you are typical and I don’t mean to suggest you are typical, but if you are a typical business owner, then all your Time Management issues exist because of your FEAR to do something!Fear, time management, james burgess,focus31

That’s right your…FEAR to do something!

To do what?

How about FEAR to hire someone to do some of your work for you? How about FEAR to do work that you don’t know how to do but know you should do?

Whatever the FEAR, it prompts you to work at the “Minor Many” activities where you are comfortable, instead of the “Major Few” projects that will actually advance your business to the kind of successes you want.

Brake free of the FEAR and resolve your Time Management issues.

So how do you break free of FEAR?  Follow Step #10!

Step #10: Be the “Business-Warrior!

I have written and spoken extensively about the idea of being the Business-Warrior. Just be the WARRIOR!

This is the most effective cure for your Time Management woes. Be better today then you were yesterday, be better tomorrow then you are today…be the Business-Warrior; hold on to the major Objectives to be achieved, believe there is no option but to achieve them, let nothing stand in your way….especially yourself.

In fact go so far as to celebrate new barriers because every new barrier is an indication you and/or your business are growing. Then go over, around, under, or right on through each new barrier, celebrate it and ask for the next barrier.

That’s what Business Warriors do.

Done! Be The Business-Warrior.

BONUS Step #11: Do or Do Not There is No Try!

If you want to be successful, if you want to earn a position of leadership in your industry, if you want to achieve the financial results that have thus far eluded you THEN STOP TRYING!Yoda, time management, james burgess,focus31

“Try” is a message to your unconscious mind that is is OK to…FAIL!

Here is a test. Take a pen and place it in the open palm of your hand. With your other hand…TRY and remove the pen from you open hand.

Either the pen is removed or it remains in your hand. You made a choice to DO it or Not to DO it. There was no TRY.

Seriously, if you remove the word “TRY” from your vocabulary and accept there is ONLY Do or Do Not (as the great Yoda tells us in Star War V), then you will never again have a Time Management issue.


I can’t believe there are still business owners that are faced with Time Management issues with all that has be written about Time Management in the past. It is really inexcusable.

I’ve now shared our 10-Easy Steps to Conquer Time Management PLUS BONUS #11. If you’re still STUCK then you need to remedy the problem right…NOW!  For some great resource to get you back to business, health & wealth check out our Next Steps info that follows.


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