This is a four part series on 24 ways you can boost sales! Browse Part1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

James Burgess, Focus31, Boost Sales11. Boost sales by telling them everything you know.
Spill the beans, so to speak. Since today’s customers want information, knowledge and helpful ideas, do everything you can to share everything you know. This is the only way to become a valued resource to your customers. When people use your ideas, they will buy what you sell.

12. Boost sales by being generous.
No one wants to do business with firms operating on a one-way street. Buy a new car and the dealer hands you a 29-cent plastic key holder! It sends a message that this dealer doesn’t his understand customers. You may forget the car, but you will never forget the lousy key ring! Another auto dealer delivers the new car to your office. What a difference. This dealer sends a
powerful message–our customers are important.

13. Boost sales by make prospect identification your mission.
The single most important daily activity in any business is prospect  identification. By making prospecting a continuing process, companies produce a steady flow of new sales leads. They never stop asking, “Who do we want to do business with if we had the chance?” Then make sure all prospects are entered into a database so they can be cultivated over a period of time.

14. Boost sales by being more creative.
Pushing direct mail piece out the door or sending the newsletter to the mailroom isn’t doing the job. Ask yourself: “Will anyone be intrigued enough to read the mailer–before tossing it in the wastebasket?” Ask the same question about the company newsletter. A highly creative approach is necessary to be different and distinctive. Creativity costs money. But, if more people read the ad, take time with the newsletter or decide that the offer in a mailer makes sense, you have accomplished the goal.

15. Boost sales by writing customer-centered letters.
Most business letters are cold, impersonal and wordy. “As per our conversation…” “Pursuant to our agreement…” When was the last time you heard anyone talk this way at lunch (other than perhaps a lawyer)? Yet, give the same executives a pen and they become stilted. There is no
reason why business letters should not be warm, friendly, conversational, interesting–and customer-centered. Write as if you were the one reading it. Should a letter end at the bottom of the first page? Yes, if that’s what it takes to tell the story? But it may take two, four or six pages? A
letter should be as long as necessary and always interesting to the reader.

16. Boost sales by developing the fine art of faceting.
It’s the facets that give a diamond its sparkle and appeal. It’s the same with a business. Find different ways to tell your story and took for new, unique angles or facets of the business, product or service. This takes effort but it’s essential to develop and sustain customer interest. Nothing is easier to ignore faster than a boring business.

17. Boost sales by FOCUSING on why customers should break down the doors to do business with you. “What makes us different from others in the same business? What sets us apart? Why do we deserve to be in business?” Get beyond the usual, trite responses such as “we give great service” or “we’ve been in business for 63 years.” Dig deeper and get at the valid reasons why you deserve the
customers’ business.




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