This is a four part series on 24 ways you can boost sales! Browse Part1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

James Burgess, Focus31, Boost Sales18. Boost sales by developing a sense of excitement.
There is little or no action without a sense of urgency. Certainly sales are few and far between if there is no urgency for the customer to place the order. Dull destroys business because it pushes away customers. The goal is to create what can be called the “I wonder what they are going to do next” attitude. This is the light that draws the customers toward a business.

19. Boost sales by makeing marketing your business mission.
Marketing often becomes a business priority only when sales are down. This shotgun approach simply doesn’t work. Communicating the company’s message is an ongoing process and the task is to develop new and interesting ways to get the message across. The challenge is to create an atmosphere so that people want to do business with you–instead of someone else.

20.Boost sales by making your marketing match your business.
Review your marketing materials carefully. If you want to be known as a first-class organization, do your brochures and sell sheets convey that message? What improvements can be made? How can the company’s image be sharpened? The answers to these questions will point you in the right

21. Boost sales by personalizing your communications.
The day of letters beginning with “Dear Friend,” “Dear Customer” or “Dear Valued Customer” is gone. What could be more ridiculous than “An important message to our valued clients”? Yet, this is the way the letter began from a company president who takes pride in delivering personal service.” Don’t bother mailing a letter that isn’t personalized with an individual’s name. There is tremendous power in personalization. Use it. It makes customers and prospects feel you actually know who they are and that you’re talking directly to them.

22. Boost sales by taking advantage of testimonials.
In today’s competitive market place, a company’s credibility increases with the use of appropriate testimonials. Let your customers blow your horn for you. Why are some customers reluctant to give a testimonial? They may lack experience in expressing themselves and may feel that you will be disappointed with their comments. A better way is to interview them, then prepare comments for their approval. This assures them and provides testimonials that will work best for you.

23. Boost sales by giving your customers the opportunity to respond.
Getting your message into the marketplace is important. But getting customers to respond to it is the real test. Always offer opportunities to ask for additional information, to state a question or request a sample. Discovering what’s on the customer’s mind is all important.

24. Boost sales by surprising the prospects.
Run-of-the-mill is out; getting attention is in. But it isn’t easy, particularly amid all the clutter and competition for attention. It’s time to be innovative and dramatic. One insurance agency, for example, offered to buy small contractors “the biggest steak dinner in town” if it couldn’t save them money on their business insurance. This challenge was enough to make the telephone ring.

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