In our 2 previous articles we introduced you to the concept having a scripted Sales Conversation and got you going with Step #1 of our 8-Step Sales Conversation That Closes More Sales – building rapport. If you missed them you can find them here:

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Now carry on in this article with Steps #2 through #5 and really get into becoming a sales machine that controls the conversation no matter where your prospect may try to take it.

Step #2:  Ask  Questions

A powerful method of establishing rapport is to ask great questions about the prospect! Then ask questions directly related to your prospect’s business, talking their language.

Step  #3:  Find the Need

Finding a need or qualifying the buyer, means discovering

  1. Where is the pain?
  2. Quantify that pain in $ terms
  3. Is there truly a requirement for your product or service?
  4. What are they looking for in a product or service that would fix the pain?
  5. What factors will influence them to buy?

Step # 4:  Establish  Value

Now you get to talk.

  • What is your reputation in the marketplace?
  • Why is your product or service valuable to this prospect?
  • Introduce market education. This will make you valuable to the prospect
  • Spend a brief moment or two telling the prospect the ‘value’ of being involved with your company.

In addressing the above four points:

  • Stress the quality and service you
  • Give a formal orientation not a presentation
  • Provide evidence

Step #5:  Create Desire

Create desire with a mixture of problems and solutions

Prospects will move faster towards accepting your offer to close if there is a problem they will overcome, rather than if they will gain some unrealized benefit. “Show me the money!”

If you found real pain and quantified it by simply repeating what your prospect told you, this can create the desire for change. “So, Fred, you’ve told me that it has proven really challenging for you to contract with an excellent overnight cleaning company. You said it takes each of your staff twenty minutes every morning to finish cleaning their personal areas and for twenty-five people, I’d estimate that is almost $500/day or over $130,000 annually.

That’s a lot of wasted resources, isn’t it? Plus, you said that over the past five years you have spent over two hundred hours yourself finding, negotiating, and firing cleaning staff. Am I correct? That isn’t very productive, is it? Then, of course, we have to include the leakage of office supplies you have attributed to the past cleaning companies. Fred, I think you’d agree that enough is enough.”

Remember: Features ‘Tell’, Benefits ‘Sell’!

With this in mind, lead your prospect through a series of questions towards intensifying their need for your product or service, and present amazing data that truly motivates your prospect to take action now.

What performance standards can you prove or, better yet, guarantee?

Remember, if you are going to offer a performance guarantee, it must be real, or it will be perceived as disingenuous. If it is real, then brand it.

For our business planning and speaking engagements FOCUS31 offers our Positive Experience Promise: If a customer of FOCUS31 is not entirely satisfied with the business planning learning experience we will refund the cost 100%. Only the customer defines ‘entirely satisfied’; we set no rules or boundaries.

Coming next are the final 3-Steps to having a brilliantly scripted Sales Conversation.  Come back soon and check it out.


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