Super Star Sales Person

Super Sales Person

Superstars ONLY, $50K, To $250K Average Will Earn $50K, Stars Will Earn $250K

Don’t REGISTER unless you are a truly awesome salesperson (or have the inherent but untested skills of an awesome salesperson) you have a burning desire to succeed, are extremely client oriented, highly motivated and never say die.  You develop deep and meaningful rapport with all your clients, communicating with piercing persuasiveness.  You believe you can be the best of the best at almost anything you do, and can prove it.

Don’t REGISTER unless you fully fit this bill. 

Excellent salary and commission structure and great opportunity for upward mobility.  Build an empire within our progressive management consulting company. 

We don’t hire backgrounds, we hire top producers whomever you are and whatever you may be doing now. 

REGISTER NOW for a brief pre-qulification call.  Don’t call us we’ll call youREGISTER NOW...if you believe you are a truly awesome salesperson.

There is a new breed of business owner in the marketplace today. These business owners are either starting up new businesses or reinventing established businesses. These individuals are intensely passionate and strategic. They are very competitive and sincere.

They care about people, the environment, and their communities. They do not run their businesses casually.

These business owners however, share one critical constraint …every dollar counts!

If you want more clarity, effectiveness, and focus in your business and if you want to achieve the business $UCCE$$ that today you still only dream about and you want that solution to be economically viable then the Focus Accountability Business Plan System may be your answer.

The greatest danger we all face is not that we aim to high and miss but that we aim to low and achieve (Michelangelo)

Author and Founder of Focus31, James Burgess has met thousands more current-day business owners then Michelangelo has and his apprehension is that the true greatest danger we all face is not the we will aim too high and miss but that we will aim too low and still miss!


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