Many people are skeptical when it comes to creating a business plan. Some of them do not even bother writing one, thinking that it’s too hard or unnecessary. Sometimes they feel burdened especially if the mindset is all about loan applications or attracting investors. Whether or not you are looking for funding, a business plan is important. It offers serious advantages for everyone in the business.

As much as these benefits are remarkable in itself, take note that this does not mean that you have to make a formal, over-the-top business plan. There are different types of business plans, and one of them is a summary business plan – and oftentimes, it is already enough.

Creating your first business plan takes roughly an hour or two, and then from there, you can just gradually review and revise it as needed. Listed below are the advantages of a business plan.


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The Bigger Picture. This is one of the key gains of a business plan – being in perspective. When your business plan is dead-on, you can get a clearer vision of your business as a whole. When you can align your strategies and tactics, everything works out smoothly.

Strategic Focus. You need to create an identity for your business and focus on building that identity. It is usually defined by your potential market, sales, and the products and services you are tailoring to match their needs.

Set Priorities. It’s impossible to do everything at the same time. Creating a business plan allows you to set things in order in terms of their significance and distribute your resources, effort, and time efficiently and strategically.

Revolutionize Change. Planning a business effectively means that you can review your assumptions regularly, track your progress, and be up to date with new developments right from the beginning, allowing you to adjust accordingly. Use your business plan to set a clear-cut foundation so that you can evolve along with your company. 

YOU Become Accountable. When you plan effectively, you set expectations for yourself and a means by which you will be able to track your results. You can frequently review your business plan in terms of what you expect and what eventually happens. Disappointments show up as much as the great work you do, but a planned out month versus actual results becomes an impromptu review of your tasks and accomplishments.

Other benefits of creating a business plan include strategic alignment, working towards milestones or goals, and being able to remind yourself and everyone on your team of the realistic indicators you have. These things can work together for your advantage to also continually define and track your key metrics. And as much as you would want to do anything for your clientele, you may also need to step back to maintain the quality of work and product that you provide for them.

You do not need a formal business plan for you to reap all these advantages. Think of your business plan as lists, bullet points, and tables. It just needs to be big and comprehensive enough to do the job.


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