James Burgess, Focus31, Fail to Business PlanBusiness Planning is IMPORTANT, it’s been BROKEN, It’s EASY and it can be FAST! Focus31 guarantees it! In this segment FOCUS31 identifies the 5 Reasons Business Owners Fail to Business Plan.

It really is ludicrous when you think about it. We plan for our vacations, our retirements and we plan for our children’s education. But as business owners we FAIL to plan for the very cash flow that fulfills these personal plans these personal DREAMS. We fail to Business Plan!

As business owners we FAIL to Business Plan because:
-We are grossly confused about what a Business Plan even is!
-We’ve been told by others or experienced for ourselves that Business Planning takes too long. Sure it does if you are writing a 25 – 50 page plan!
-We’ve also been told we only need a business plan when we need to borrow from the Bank. Listen, nothing could be further from the truth. The Business Plan is for you not any 3rd party.
-We’ve been told that there is no point in starting a Business Plan because it will be out of date within a month. .. we’ll never sustain it!


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And then there is my favorite reason why we don’t plan, because my business plan is in my HEAD!James Burgess, Focus31, Fail to Business Plan

Consider where would society be if; Leonardo Da Vinci had kept the image of the Mona Lisa in his head, or if Michelangelo had kept all the images now captured on the Cistine Chapel…in his head or if Vic Bloom & Bob Montana had kept the images and stories of Archie, Jughead, Veronica and Betty in their…heads?

Nothing is real until it can be shared so until we understand the source fo telepathy a Business Plan in the head is simply no Business Plan at all.

But it isn’t entirely our fault that we don’t engage in business planning. Business Planning has been BROKEN. Its been broken by anyone who suggests a Business Plan should be 25 – 50 pages long to be effective. That’s nonsense. I’d never start either.

Like with your Mother and any foods you were made to eat as a child, we know she was right and we likely now like the foods we didn’t as a kid. In the same vein, trust me when I tell you that Business Planning is IMPORTANT, its been BROKEN, it’s EASY and it can be FAST! FOCUS31 guarantees it!


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