I’m unhappy to reopen our social media activities following upon a relatively unhappy week.  I had the pleasure of mJames Burgess, Focus31, Passionateeeting with two micro small businesses in back to back meetings.  Neither of course had a business plan.

The first, a 4 year old catering business.  The second, a 1 year sport’s nutritionist.

In the former, the owner wanted to meet and understand how our business planning services (FOCUS Accountability System) could help them break out of a fairly low level of revenue against the potential.


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The challenge was it was unclear if they were prepared to invest additional time or resources. I advised them that indeed I could get them refocused. But I told the principal owner quite directly that while her words said she wanted to double, triple or quadruple her Revenue, her emotions said she had already checked out!  

I said I couldn’t, or more to the point wouldn’t, help until I was convinced they were re-engaged for success and prepared to commit the necessary resources to fulfill the business plan we would generate.Small Business Aid Bill Passes Senate

In the latter case, the owner has struggled for a year. Capital is down to the last few dollars, family is positioned to add assistance to a losing cause as I see it and partners are being considered…still to a losing cause. 

But while money is needed the bigger challenge is the company owner/operator would only keep doing the same old activities and invariably generate the same old weak results and burn through more money to no avail.  

The good news here is the owner is passionate and is open to new ideas and acknowledges marketing isn’t his forte.  If he listened today, then once recapitalized he should begin to completely rethink how he wants to grow his business and he has a number of new ideas to consider for…FREE.

On the heels of these two stories I realize that they are of course 2 of thousand of thousands of business owners lost in the soft economy worldwide and worried not about the longer term future but the immediate future of their businesses.  Moreover, as any business owner can have only 2 – 3 true core capabilities, they are invariably challenged to step outside their comfort zone and consider some different and perhaps gut wrenching ways to generate success for their business in a soft market.

 With this in mind I turned to Tom Peters for some wisdom to motivate my readers to re-engage, refocus and commit.  Be Energetic!  Be Passionate !  The right; business decisions and business success will follow.  Click the image below to watch his short video.

And hey a FAST, EASY and SUSTAINABLE business plan management system would ensure the new great ideas are committed to paper to set the road map to that future success. AND…it just so happens that our FOCUS Accountability System is the program that businesses, both large or small, need to crush the soft economy and steal market share from  under the  nose of their competitors while they sit frozen with fear like deer caught in the headlights.

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