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In our last Blog “The Business Plan Vision Statement” we gave you the 5-components for creating a powerful Vision Statement in your business plan that any business owner will become emotionally connected to creating. We think we made it EASY & FAST too! 

Now we will show you how to generate a Mission Statement for your business plan.  Which is entirely different than your Vision Statement.

For those business owners who actually engage in generating a business plan which is experientially less than 1% of the total small business population (if anyone has done research on this and has the actual statistics please post them here), understanding the difference between a Vision Statement and a Mission Statement is one of the first challenges with creating a business plan.  They are distinctly different.

Here is your definitive answer.

A Vision Statement defines “What”!  What are you building?  This is answered easily and fast using the formula in our last post; How Much, By When, Doing What, For Whom, Where”.

The Mission Statement defines “Why”.  Why are you doing this business?  WhyJames Burgess, Focus31, out of bed does your business exist?  In simplest terms; why the heck do you get out of bed each morning and go and face all of the issues you face wearing all of the hats you wear as a business owner?

Every business or organization and the products or services they provide, exist for a reason. Formulating a mission statement starts off with answering the 5-questions of:

  1. What wants or needs are you fulfilling for your clients?
  2. What are you passionate about?
  3. What do you want your employees to be passionate about?
  4. What makes you unique?
  5. Do you offer a performance guarantee?

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With these questions in mind you can create a mission statement using 4- 8 powerful words that can convey an image.  Make your Mission Statement expressive, cut out connecting words and think in EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!

Foremost, your Mission Statement is not something you say to or about your clients.  For example, “We serve our customers really well doing really good work.”  Pardon me but...SHUT UP!

Here are several Missions Statements from clients of FOCUS31:

  • Inspire business leaders to inspire excellence.
  • Enriching lives by preserving delightful smiles!
  • Transforming vision to reality through powerful brand design.
  • Create financial power for family love and obligation.
  • Service, Information, Choice and Care. With Excellence!
  • Collaboration towards practical solutions to business challenges (FOCUS31)

Well crafted mission statements will even set the parameters for business decisions that follow. 

If the Business Plan is the map to the destination and the Vision Statement is the city called “Success”, then the Mission Statement is the guard rails along the highway that keep us heading in the intended direction.

A final word!


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For women business owners doing this exercise is easier then it is for menJames Burgess, Focus31, Mission Statement and because of that it is less impactful in the awareness it creates .  Women are far more connected to the Why in everything then men are.   As such when you uncover your Mission Statement your reaction will be more of a “well of course” reaction.

For men that hormone called Testosterone gets in the way of us emotionally connecting to the “Why”.  But here is the cool things guys….when you uncover the 4 – 8 words of WHY you do what you do, you will be blown away!  You have likely never examined your business from this perspective before., so the power of the words will hit you like a Trident missile and you will, very suddenly, feel far more connected to your business, it’s purpose and your intentions for it.

For an exercise to enable you to create your business plan Mission Statement just email us events@focus31.com and we’ll send it right to you.



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