The FOCUS Accountability System Protocol TM

System  = a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method

Protocol = the accepted or established code of procedure or behavior in any group, organization, or situation.

FOCUS31‘s industry leading FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM transforms “A BUSINESS PLAN” into an ORGANIZED set of PRINCIPLES following an ESTABLISHED CODE of PROCEDURE that:

  • Enables A Business Owner to create a Business Plan EASILY & FAST
  • Holds the Business Owner ACCOUNTABLE to engage in the IMPLEMENTATION of the Business Plan Weekly
  • Provides access to business improvement ADVICE weekly supporting the SUCCESSFUL implementation of the Business Plan
  • Delvers the opportunity for the Business Owner to know EXACTLY what they need to DO to ACHIEVE their defined SUCCESS
  • Ensures the Business Plan is always CURRENT

5-STEPS & 6-SECRETS For Business Success
With The FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM


  • Secret #1: FOCUS Discovery Consultation
  • Secret #1B: Copy of the international bestselling CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus

STEP #2: COMMIT To Intention

  • Secret #2: Business Plan Activation
    • Build with Focus31 a specific plan to achieve top business results… NOW!
    • Develop a clear Vision for your business that will RE-ENERGIZE your PASSION for the business.
    • Create a set of Objectives that will define success this year and every year thereafter!
    • Craft a series of Strategies that define how you are going to build your business year over year.
    • Define a mission critical timetable for getting the needed work. the Action Plans, done

STEP #3: Implement With Massive ACTION

  • SECRET #3Weekly FOCUS Accountability Reporting
    • Every week plan how you will implement the Business Plan time blocking for work against Action Plans PLUS commit to specific Sales & Marketing actity that will drive the week’s Revenue success.
  • SECRET #4Weekly FOCUS Q&A Business Improvement Calls
    • Weekly book your personal call time, a dedicated 30-minute one-on-one personal business improvement call for you giving you time to address any immediate threat, opportunity, weakness or strength you want to defend, build off of, improve or leverage.


  • SECRET #5Quarterly Marketing Reality
    • Review Financial Performance to the Business Plan asking the 2 most powerful questions in business….WHY? What Do I/We Do About It?
    • Complete a GAP Analysis of Revenue performance identifying exactly how much Sales & Marketing activity is required to hit the annual Revenue Objecitve


  • SECRET #6Quarterly Radical Re-FOCUS Business Plan Reset Sessions
    • Review success with implementation of Action Plans
    • Update Action Plans for the Quarterly period
    • Consultation on the “how do I do this?” of any Action Plan
    • Consultation on new opportunities and Action Plans needed to leverage them

FOCUS31offers a variety of Business Planning Programs to meet every conceivable business circumstance, budget and owner or department head learning style. Each Business Planning Program offers the opportunity for the business leader to become more FOCUSed on, and ACCOUNTABLE for, the activities that will truly enable the business or department to achieve new platforms of SUCCESS for businesses that will THRIVE not just SURVIVE

PLUS all of our Business Planning Programs are built from a SYSTEM & PROTOCOL platform.

PLUS all of our Business Planning Programs include the Positive Experience Promise Guarantee; if a client of FOCUS31 is not entirely satisfied with the Business Plan learning experience we will refund the cost 100% and only the client decides if they are satisfied or not.