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FOCUS31 The Focus Firm

FOCUS31 offers Clarity and Accountability for Business Leaders who want to Get and Stay on Track with a Business Plan system that is EASY. FAST, SUSTAINABLE & entirely PRACTICAL, The FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM Business Plan System.

You know you could be doing more. You know it shouldn’t be this tough.  What you don’t know is the POWER a business plan brings to FOCUS on, and Accountability for, the activities that will truly build business SUCCESS!

At FOCUS31 we ENABLE business owners to achieve absolute clarity on the definition of their success plus the first steps needed to achieve that success through a business plan process that is EASY, FAST, SUSTAINABLE and entirely PRACTICAL.  It has to be practical as no business owner has time for any else!

But Wait there’s MORE!

FOCUS31 is an international Hypnotherapy Training Institute as certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP.

What does that mean for you as a Business Owner?

It means FOCUS31 can enable you to become 10,000X more FOCUSed on your INTENTIONS and 50,000X more ACCOUNTABLE for making it happen.

Imagine the POWER within you when you are 10,000X more focused and 50,000X more Accountable. Nothing will stop you from achieving your GREATNESS.

Our Programs:

  • ENABLE business owners to identify and focus on the right priorities,
  • ENABLE business owners to think strategically,
  • ENABLE business owners to improve the quality of their business decisions
  • ENABLE business owners to celebrate greater financial results.
  • ENABLE Business owners to achieve 10,000X more FOCUS on their INTENTIONS and 50,000X more Accountable for ACHIEVING them.



“I tell anyone who is serious about making more money and enjoying a better life to instantly get the accountability that your Focus System provides. ” — Gerry Robert
Bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset

Unlike any other management consulting company we at FOCUS31 offer a performance GUARANTEE. We call it our Positive Experience Promise or PEP. It’s a simple GUARANTEE and at the same time a comprehensive GUARANTEE.

All of our clients are PROTECTED on an on-going basis by our experience GUARANTEE, by our Positive Experience Promise. Wherebyif any client of FOCUS31is not entirely satisfied with the Business Plan learning journey we will refund the cost 100%.

Here is the kicker…..only the client decides if we failed to meet their expectations!

When it comes to a business plan and getting yourself organized, there is no program that comes close to the effectiveness of Focus31.If you want to get yourself and your team moving in the same direction, then this is definitely the program for you.” — Jean-Guy Francoeur, CEO Black Card Books & Bestselling author of The Messy Manager

Listen…as a successful entrepreneur, you’ve demonstrated that you have the ability to make it in business. but you likely feel as if the challenge to break-through to the next level of SUCCESS is truly a tough, if not an impossible, battle.

This may appear to you as:

  • The NEED to get more done with less stress.
  • The NEED to be more productive without increasing expenses.
  • The NEED to understand where you go, what you become next
  • The NEED to break through obstacles and business challenges.
  • The NEED for improved cash flow and profitability.
  • The NEED to organize all your great ideas and actually DO them.

What’s the problem? What’s the solution?

“I’ll be honest, I love goals and planning but I have never managed to make it a habit. Working with James has finally given me the push I needed to focus on my business every single week. And it shows! My revenues have doubled this year and are on pace to double again next year. Thank you, Mr. Burgess, you’ve made business planning fun and profitable!” – Vanessa

We believe the problem is a lack of FOCUS and Accountability manifested as:

  • Trying to get more done with less stress, less everything.
  • An inability to keep up with the pace of change
  • The need to be more productive without increasing expenses.
  • Ad hoc ideas that may be great but never get done
  • Wanting break-through results with no idea how to create them
  • The CHAOS!”

We know the solution is our FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM Business Plan Solutions which may then lead into our After The Business Plan Consulting – Business Support Program :

  • Planning your business in a way that works being easy, fast and entirely practical – GUARANTEED.
  • Eliminating all the “stuff” that interferes with your productivity,
  • Setting up business management systems that prevent new issues from reducing your focus and creativity.
  • Increasing your concentration on your most important money–making relationships and activities.
  • Measuring your progress regularly along the way
  • Increasing the amount of rejuvenating free time you take

“Working with James and the discipline of weekly planning has been revolutionary for my business. He kicked my butt out of my very comfortable comfort zone and got me to see creative solutions and new markets for expansion. Because of the Visioning process I have grown my local business into a national integrated packaging solutions provider in less than a year.” Ian Ray, President RDR Packaging solutions Inc.

There is a solution to breaking the habit of the insanity here for you. STOP doing the same things over and over again. START doing something new and productive. Take your time working through this web site as there is a business plan or other business management solution for every size of business and every budget. Each will offer incredible value in defining and setting the path to your next or even first level of SUCCESS.

“My 3 success factors? Determination, family support and my business plan” — Saroj Archarya, MapleTherm Engineering

Is it your time to pull the trigger on SUCCESS? Then join the FOCUS Accountability Business Plan System Community!!!

As a progressive business owner what is your next 1ST step?


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