James Burgess, Focus31, Vision StatementMany business owners spend months with of thousands of dollars in consulting fees to define a Vision Statement.


You know how you’ve been told “your business plan creates a road map to success”? Well the Vision Statement is simply the process of defining the destination.

There are 5 components to creating a Vision Statement…
How Much, By When, Doing What, For Whom and In What Geographical Location (Where).  Now while these 5 questions may seem daunting we’ll make it EASY and FAST by giving you the answers to use:

  1. By When? = 3 Years not 5. You need to be emotionally connected with the future and 5-years is just too far out there to accomplish that. 3 Years gives you time to shift your business and still be emotionally attached. to the outcome
  2. How Much? = How much revenue do you want to earn in your 3rd year?
  3. Doing What? = The services or products you want to be providing in your 3rd year.
  4. Where? = The market place you will be serving in the next 3 years (local, regional, provincial/state, national, continental, global/international and one day who knows….Intergalactic).
  5. And the most important part of a vision statement is…
    For Whom? = Define who your “perfect customer” will be in 3 years. Who will Buy, Buy More and Buy More often from you?  Everyone is not your client. Believing, and more importantly acting, like they are will waste time, please no one and paralyze your business. If you’d like an exercise for dJames Burgess, FOCUS31, Perfect Customer.efining your Perfect Client write to us at events@focus31.com and just ask. We’ll send it to you for FREE.

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Watch for a future blog coming soon that goes into more detail on how to define your Perfect Customer.  We’ll give you everything FOCUS31 has on business plans right here.

One last important step.

Having defined your business Vision Statement connect your LIFE to that Vision.

Write down the 3 negative things that are currently in your Life that will disappear when the Business Vision comes true (no more family arguments for example). Then write down the 3 brilliantly positive things that will come, or can come, into your Life when the Vision Statement comes true (vacation home for example).
james burgess, foucs31, Vision Quest

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