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We’ve made every effort with the FOCUS31  Website to make it easy for you to identify with what we do; Business Coaching and Consulting starting from a foothold provided by a business plan (a FREE Business Plan even).  We have given you lots of FREE stuff and we’ll continue to provide quality articles on our blog site to prompt you to stop and say…..”hmmmmmmm”.


Before you leave it there are specific areas in your business that are, as a minimum, troubling and at their worse are “In Your Face”, business issues like:

  • I/We Need A Bank Loan
  • I/We Think The Bank Put Us With A Special Loan Manager
  • I/We Need To Attract More Prospects
  • I/We Need To Close More Business
  • My/Our Social Media Presence Is Underdeveloped/Underperforming
  • I/We Are Struggling To Identify Where We Are Going
  • I/We Sell By The Hour. Is There A Better Way?
  • I/We Have Heard Of “UVP” What Is It And Why Is It Important?
  • I/We Have Created A Revolving Door Of Employees
  • I/We Lose A Client As Fast As We Gain One
  • You’re Going To Laugh But…Your Book Title CHAOS Says It All!
  • I/We Want OUT….NOW!

then Book A Call NOW and lets discuss.

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