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Done-For-You Social Media Marketing

You Do What You Do And We’ll Do The Rest!

The possibilities are endless when you do ‘what you do best’ and ‘we do the rest’ with FOCUS31 filling the top of your pipeline with a constant stream of leads with one of our customized Social Media Marketing solutions for your business.

Through our vast experience with Business Planning working with thousands of Business Owners, we at FOCUS31 learned that typically the #1 Priority of Small Business Owners is “How The Heck Do We Make Money From This Social Media Marketing Thing?

Sound about right to you?

Here is the GOOD news. We at FOCUS31 have Cracked The Social Media Code For Revenue $UCCE$$ and are ready to offer our services to you. We’ll show you how to take Suspects from off of the Internet and turn them into Prospects and then convert those Prospects at a high rate into Revenue.

PLUS, you can determine how involved you want to be in this Marketing Plan as we offer 3-Social Media Marketing Programs:

Package #1: Do-It-For-You Social Media Marketing – Essentials Program
Package #2: Do-It-For-You Social Media Marketing – Level-Up Program
Package #3: Do-It-For-You Social Media Marketing – V.I.P. Program

What’s your next first step to Social Media Marketing $ucce$$? Well its a FREE next first step.

Simply REGISTER now to talk with international bestselling author and the creator of our Done-For-You Social Media Marketing program, James Burgess. REGISTER now for a FREE FOCUS Discovery Consultation HERE.



Package #1 – Essentials

Expand your social media audience to 100,000’s and generate new leads weekly

  1. Share blog articles with up to 6 social
    media platforms and groups creating,
    presenting and maintaining a marketing specific “Call To Action”
  2. Leverage LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Offer to be in front of your perfect client
  3. Invite 50 targeted new connections to
    connect daily on LinkedIn
  4. Vet and accept inbound connection
    requests based on our co-created target population search criteria
  5. Weekly reporting of active accounts for your follow-up

Package #2 Level-Up

Generate a “Thank You” response towards a “warm” conversation initiated by you

  1. All of Package #1, Plus…
  2. Engage all new Connections, Friends and Followers with an Attraction Marketing Device/FREE Offer gift message
  3. Engage all existing connections in LinkedIn with birthday/promotion/ anniversary messaging to initiate a conversation

Package #3 – V.I.P.

The FOCUS31 Team will engage your Connections, Friends and Followers in conversations on your behalf, generating prospect interest in a meeting directly with you.

  1. We engage in conversations on YOUR BEHALF AS YOU, generating prospect…
  2. Engage all active connections in PM
    conversations towards generating
    Zoom meetings or LIVE Coffee Meetings
  3. Go 3 to 4 levels deep with PM conversations until the lead is qualified or disqualified
  4. Re-engage with disqualified leads with compelling annual birthday wishes, work promotion acknowledgements and work anniversary messages
  5. The FOCUS31 Team will text you DAILY highlighting active Social Media prospects (leads) that are ready to meet with you.
SPECIAL Pricing for Participants of the FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM
SAVE 25% on any of our Do-It_For-You Social Media Marketing Programs
BONUS: The FOCUS31 Team will create or improve up to 6 brilliant social media platform landing pages, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube (Value: $497)