Cracking The Social Media CODE For REVENUE $UCCE$$

7-Steps To Turn Suspects Into Prospects & Prospects Into Revenue

Through our vast experience with Business Planning working with thousands of Business Owners, we at FOCUS31 learned that typically the #1 Priority of Small Business Owners is “How The Heck Do We Make Money From This Social Media Marketing Thing?

Sound about right to you?

Here is the GOOD news. We at FOCUS31 have Cracked The Social Media Code For Revenue $UCCE$$ and are ready to offer our services to you. We’ll show you how to take Suspects from off of the Internet and turn them into Prospects and then convert those Prospects at a high rate into Revenue.

PLUS, you can determine how involved you want to be in this Marketing Plan as we offer 3-Options to:

1. Get It Started
2. Get It Going
3. Get It Done

What’s your next first step to Social Media Marketing $ucce$$? Well its a FREE next first step.

Simply REGISTER now to talk with international bestselling author and the creator of our Cracking The Social Media Code For Revenue $UCCE$$ program, James Burgess. REGISTER now for a FREE FOCUS Discovery Consultation HERE.

  • The 7-Steps To SUCCESS

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  • Receive the FOCUS31 Social Media Roadmap To $ucce$$.pdf detailing how to implement an integrated Social Media Strategy to fill the Sales Pipeline Funnel with valuable leads, nurture those leads and close new business from those leads.LEARN
  • Engage in a 90min FOCUS Discovery Consultation with your Business Planning expert James Burgess to complete a deep dive on the Company's Social Media objectives uncovering the missing links to your Social Media $ucce$$.DISCOVER
  • Work with FOCUS31 to build your 90-day Social Media Marketing PlanPLAN
  • Engage FOCUS31 to:

    i. Build out or improve the branding of the business' Social Media sites for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    ii. Set-up an Email Marketing system.

    iii. Consult with you on creating up to 3 Attraction Marketing Devices.

    iv. Work with your webmaster to add Web Forms to your website and link to your Email Marketing system for the Attraction Marketing Devices.

    v. Source blog writing resources.
  • Direct FOCUS31 to launch your integrated Social Media Marketing Plan where we will:

    i. Create for your approval 2-Blogs/Month and post to your Blog site. For the Get It Done program receive 4-Blogs/Month.

    ii. Share the Blog post on 4-Social Media sites and up to 30-Groups with an agreed upon Call To Action.

    iii. Source and join up to 30 relevant Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.

    iv. Post one additional Social Media post weekly sharing it to the Facebook and LinkedIn Groups with an agreed upon Call To Action. With the Get It Done program receive 2 additional posts/week and have them shared to all Groups.

    v. Share the main (as agreed) Attraction Marketing Device with all new Followers & Connections on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a gift to them for connectiong.

    vi. Initiate conversations with Social Media Leads generated.

    vii. BOOST posts on Facebook as requested.

    viii. Set-up Facebook ads as requested.
  • Provide Weekly Reports of Social Media Site and Email Marketing engagement to ObjectivesMEASURE
  • Ensure your Social Media Marketing Plan is always current with Quarterly LIVE RE-FOCUS sessions of up to 3-hours each with your with Business Planning expert James Burgess.. PLUS FOCUS31 will build your Slow Drip Email Campaign from your Blog content, tag it to all Attraction Marketing Devices and consult on each email campaign plan for maximum engagementCASH-IN

Choose One of the 6 Business Planning Programs and Features to get you on the RIGHT TRACK!
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  • Each of our Business Planning Programs begin with your access to 7-Tutorial Videos hosted by international bestselling author and Founder of FOCUS31, James Burgess. Each video covers one of the 7 key aspects of business planning Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Objectives, Strategies, Action Plans and how to Sustain the Business Plan indefinitely.LEARN: 7-Tutorial Videos & Workbook
  • Have access to your Business Plan anywhere any time you have access to the internet with our own dedicated, password protected Business Planning site for a minimum of 12-months. Participants in the 24-Month Success Plan 1 and Plan II will have access to a broader array of Project Management applications including an application for your annual Marketing Plan. PLAN: Web-based Business Plan Site
  • Participate with bestselling author and Founder, James Burgess, in a 90-minute one-on-one deep dive, FOCUS Discovery Consultation, about where the business has been, celebrating your SUCCESSES, discover where the business is TODAY and your perceived barriers to where you want it to GO next.DISCOVER: FOCUS Discovery Consultation
  • With FOCUS31 you will build your entire Business Plan PLUS develop your Marketing Plan that will give you focus and clarity to generate EXPLOSIVE revenue growth. For the Quick Start and SUCCESS Plan I & II these are LIVE Meetings.BUILD: The Business Plan
  • With FOCUS31 you will build your entire Business Plan PLUS develop your Marketing Plan that will give you focus and clarity to generate EXPLOSIVE revenue growth. For the Essentials, Quick Start and Success Plan 1& II programs these are LIVE.DEVELOP: The Marketing Plan
  • Access your Virtual-CEO reporting Weekly your Commitment (the Weekly FOCUS Accountability Commitment Report) as to how you will build-up and grow your business every week PLUS engage in 30-minute weekly business improvement calls (FOCUS Q&A Business Improvement Calls) as well. Live to creating and committing to a sustainable culture of business planning driving profitable growth in your business year-over-year.COMMIT: Access Your Virtual-CEO Weekly
  • We’ll build a measurement platform to track your week-to-week SUCCESS celebrating those successes with you while understanding what isn’t working at the same time and identifying corrective action.MEASURE: Performance Scorecards
  • Reconnect with your Virtual-CEO EVERY Quarter to update the Business Plan PLUS the Marketing Plan and uncover next steps for the coming 90-Days to continue to leverage your brilliance as a business owner and push forward to new levels of success DOUBLING, TRIPLING and even QUADRUPLING Revenues and Profits. For the Success Plan I & Success II programs these are LIVE meetings.IMPLEMENT: Radical Re-FOCUS Sessions
  • Whether you think you were born a salesperson or not, Sales & Marketing are a learned skill and you can be GREAT at it. Learn leading techniques for Marketing, how to actually earn revenue from Social Media and how to write and PRACTICE a sales conversation script as a sales professional.CASH-IN: Sales & Marketing Training
  • If any client of FOCUS31 is not entirely satisfied with the Business Plan learning journey we will refund the cost 100%. PLUS only the client decides if they are satisfied or not.Positive Experience Promise GUARANTEE
  • Business Improvement Advice: Email
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  • Success Program

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  • Performance Program

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