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After The Business Plan Consulting – Business Support Program

Aside from our FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM programs, FOCUS31 offers a unique business management consulting service we call After The Business Plan Consulting – Business Support Program

We recognize that as a business owner or department head having a business plan is a first step to fulfilling your dreams for your business.  However, rarely does the owner or department head have the skill set to fulfill ALL of the brilliant work the business plan calls for from the Action Plans.  The After The Business Plan Consulting provides the opportunity for every business owner or department head to access the expertise needed to fulfill the business plan entirely time and time again.

FOCUS31 can offer advice and expertise in a myriad of areas of business management including but not limited to; Customer Satisfaction strategies, People and Performance Management strategies, Sales and Selling strategies, Marketing and Social Media strategies, Operations Management strategies and Finance and Cash Flow strategies.  Where we may lack specific knowledge for unique business operations we can access a vast network of business professionals on your behalf to get the answers we all need.

To be clear though any engagement with FOCUS31 is initiated with a business plan that is EASY, FAST SUSTAINABLE and entirely PRACTICAL.  It has to be practical, as a business owner or department head you don’t have time for anything else.


After The Business Plan Consulting – Business Support Program (BSP)


This is a retainer-based consulting service where FOCUS31 Associates lead by International Best Selling Author, Business Planning Expert and Leading Consultant James Burgess work with you, the business owner or department head, to affect specific change(s)/improvement(s) within your business or department driven from the Action Plans off of your business plan.

The BSP is designed to be flexible to manage change through any number of areas in your business or department in a sequential, step-by-step fashion or on an all-in-get-it-done basis.  Whatever we agree needs to be done via the Action Plans in our business plan will get done

The program is customizable to meet the requirements and objectives of each individual business’ business plan.

The Program is based on a proven model from which countless businesses across the world have benefited.

In order to determine if a business or individual department qualifies for services under the BSP Program the business owner and/or department head and FOCUS31 Associates, will engage in a confidential discussion (FOCUS Discovery Consultation) to address the unique opportunities and challenges facing the business or department. This first meeting is free of charge and there is no obligation whatsoever.

Prior to that meeting and depending on the complexity of the business you will be required to complete one or both of the FOCUS Discovery Quiz and the FOCUS Discovery Health Check

If any corrective action ideas or improvement opportunities are immediately identified during the FOCUS Discovery Consultation then the FOCUS31 Associates may be able to point the business in the right direction for assistance right there and then.

In many instances the business owners and/or department head recognize a number of areas in which support is required. In such instances the FOCUS31 Team will provide a proposal for services. The proposal will include; a business plan, work to be project managed by FOCUS31Associates, work to be completed by FOCUS31 staff and work to be completed by 3rd-party service providers (specialists within the wider community accessible by FOCUS31) to help solve specific issues if need be.

No sub-contracted resources are permitted on-site without your specific approval.

As a progressive business owner or department head what is your next logical 1st step?  It should be to register for a FREE FOCUS Discovery Consultation below.


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