Business Management Program – Virtual General Manager Solution


dreamstime_m_12821722Whatever the need; vacation, retirement, filling a senior position or estate planning, FOCUS31 offers our Business Management Program – Virtual General Manager Solution  to fill the void.

At FOCUS31 we’ve heard an increased propensity for business owners to want to leave their business responsibilities on a part-time (vacations of course) or full-time (retirement) basis.  We know our Business Management Program – Virtual General Manager Solution is the answer in so many ways meeting so many business management needs.

Every business owner should have built up the infrastructure and systems, all of the business management controls that allow them to leave their business periodically for sick time or vacation time safely.  AND yet so many haven’t!

If you take regular, planned, vacations CONGRATULATIONS.  If you can stay home sick to get better and recharge congratulations too!  Let us ask though, when you are out of the office on temporary leave is the business management as effective as you need it to be, want it to be?

For those that can’t or just won’t leave the business out of fear of continuous disasters, clearly you don’t have the infrastructure, systems or business management controls in place and you have invariably lost sight of the dreams you had for being a business owner.

We have also seen many instances with business owners of baby-boom age that are tired of working every day and want the FREEDOM to take lots of time off but want the business to still run successfully.  Others still who are ready for retirement but want to keep their hands in the business from time to time.  Others again who want to retire but can’t sell the business.

All of these opportunities are entirely possible if you have built up the business with the infrastructure, systems and business management controls that allow you to follow your path to FREEDOM from the business.

Worse yet and a sure fire road to the demise of the business is the unexpected critical illness.

ATTENTION baby boomer business owners you are not infallible, you can and very well might get sick, deathly sick.  Critical Illness Insurance (no we don’t sell insurance but that doesn’t mean we don’t highly recommend you talk to an insurance specialist) can cover the loss to the household of your income earning power but who looks after the; customers, employees and suppliers?

If you don’t have the infrastructure, systems and business management controls in place a critical illness or just a short-term disability even can spell the end for your business.

If any one or more of these caricatures sounds like you then you need to take action NOW before it is too late.

Here is FOCUS31s 2-Step Solution to Business Management Controls To FREEDOM.


Step #1:  Business Planning For The Control

Create a business plan(s) for the next 3 years and hold yourself accountable to fulfilling that business plan where the primary project work defined in that business plan is to build the infrastructure, systems and business management controls that allow you, at any time, to step away from the business without harm to the financial success of the business.

By the way, that same business plan will ensure that when you are ready to sell your business it will sell more easily or for a higher price.

Business management systems and controls are coveted by Buyers.  They want a business that can run itself where you aren’t a business critical asset.  Business Management systems and controls will also minimize the time after sale that you have to remain on staff to protect the Buyers investment.

It is time to get focused on your future plus the longevity of your business so customers remain well served, employees remain engaged and suppliers benefit from the business’s purchasing power?  Get a business plan done now with a heavy weighting on strategies that improve the infrastructure, systems and business management controls.


Step #2:  Retain Virtual Business Management Expertise – Virtual General Manager Solution.

Step #1 will ensure the business will SURVIVE without you in the short-term.  So Step #1 will allow you to take a solid 2-week vacation, and stay home if you are sick.  That’s a perfect first step.  It will also be a first step to making the business more salable.

How about getting out longer, getting out forever or just wanting to periodically play at what you like in the business and leaving the business management to someone else?

How about setting the business up to THRIVE not just SURVIVE?dreamstime_m_23600352-1024x675

We know there are a lot of business owners who, if they were honest with themselves, would say “YES PLEASE!  I may love my business but I’ve earned the right to step away and have it support me in my retirement”.

To accomplish this FOCUS31 offers you our unique Business Management ProgramVirtual General Manager Solution.

The Virtual General Manager Solution is a customizable solution where FOCUS31 provides your business with senior business management leadership manpower to replace you when and how you want to be replaced.

FOCUS31, following an agreed upon business plan, will lead the business in your absence ensuring it THRIVES not just SURVIVES.  Following the agreed upon business plan our leadership team can in fact build the business management controls into place while you are offsite sailing the Caribbean.


Beta-Test Senior Business Management Roles With FOCUS31’s Virtual General Manager Solution

We have also experienced circumstances where a business owner:

  • Is doing work outside of their core capability….Are you really the best Sales Manager to lead your Sales Team?
  • Has a need to fill a vacant senior position (General Manager or Director)….NOW!
  • Wants to test the value of a new senior position….is it time for a HR Department, General Manger or Sales Manager? Are you sure?

but they have been like “the deer caught in the headlights”, frozen into inaction with fear it will take too long to fill the position or won’t work out and end up with highly paid employee delivering a poor performance and th

en being faced with issues of dismissal.

With the Virtual General Manager Program, FOCUS31 will dedicate the necessary resources to cover the needs of the position(s) you need or want to test for.  With as little as 4 – 8 hours/week FOCUS31 will:

  1. Maintain the business plan(s) and ensure progress to deliverables weekly
  2. Provide oversight of fulfillment activities against a specified production plan
  3. Act as Sales Manager for all sales associates
  4. Oversee problem resolution
  5. Initiative customer service excellence initiatives
  6. Facilitate team meetings
  7. Set performance expectations
  8. Coach to performance expectations
  9. Complete bi-annual performance reviews
  10. Introduce/build employee reward and recognition programs
  11. Engage in progressive dismissal activity
  12. Engage directly in project work/improvement plans
  13. “Streetscape” a business readying it “For Sale”
  14. Lead a specific team to success to prove out the benefit of hiring a dedicated employee
  15. Any and all other functions as specified by the business owner and accepted by FOCUS31

We stay on-site on any given day only as long as is needed to fulfill our responsibilities.

In effect FOCUS31 Virtual General Manager Solution covers your absence, whatever the reason for it, improving business management systems and performance while you are gone. We step in to take on any department leadership role so a company can beta-test the need for a more permanent solution and we bridge the gap to the hiring of an effective team leader through the “search” process.


Estate Planning The Business Management With FOCUS31’s Virtual General Manager Solution

In the worse case FOCUS31 will manage a business for an Estate while legal matters pertaining to the Succession Plan are reviewed and implemented against.  FOCUS31will manage a business indefinitely if the Estate Beneficiaries would benefit from the continuation of the business but have no interest or competency for managing the business day to day.  Alternatively, FOCUS31 will manage the business and train a Beneficiary of the business so they can lead the business at a future date.                           

As a progressive business owner what is your next logical 1st step?


Join the FOCUS Business Management Program – Virtual General Manager Solution to aim high and achieve more. QUALIFY NOW to join.