The Focus Accountability System™, developed by James Burgess, is based on insights gained by working with thousands of growth-orientated entrepreneurs and business owners. It is a proven, results-producing process that enables you to draw from what you already know and use it to create a bigger, more satisfying future for you and your business. It accomplishes this with simple, easy-to-use systems that come from, and work in, the real world of running a business.

Our 2–Part FOCUS Accountability SystemGroup Solution

The FOCUS Accountability System – Group Program is intended for business owners in the “Start-up” to “Early Growth” stage of business with Revenues generally less than $1,000,000. It will also be attractive to independent sales associates, real estate agents and portfolio managers with Revenues less than $100,000 and dreaming to earn $250,000 or more.

The “Group” Program provides an excellent opportunity for these business professionals to access professional business advice that is economically viable while operating under the contraints of limited financial resources.

All features of the Focus Accountability System – Group Program are interchangeable with those of the FOCUS Accountability System – Performance Program. This allows any business professional to match our program solutions to their business specific needs and cash flow.


Get a Powerful and Practical ONE PAGE Business Plan Written in a Matter of Hours…Not Days, Weeks or even Months…Guaranteed!

  • Build with Focus31 a specific plan to achieve top business results… now!
  • Develop a clear vision for your business that will energize…well you, as the business owner.
  • Create a set of Objectives that will define success this year and every year thereafter!
  • Craft a series of Strategies that define how you are going to build your business this year… and beyond.
  • Define a mission critical timetable for producing more predictable results. Imagine…actually implementing the Business Plan!

A No-Nonsense Program for Business Owners Serious About Getting Results Without Wasting Time!


4-Building Blocks To Extraordinary Accountability!

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.


Get re-focused every 90 days. Every Quarter!

Every 90 days, Radical Re-Focus Accountability MasterMind Workshop™ participants meet in Toronto, for a one-day workshop with a group of committed, like-minded entrepreneurs, facilitated by James Burgess or one of our senior Focus31 facilitators.

The Workshops consist of a series of focusing exercises, regular reviews of progress and planning for the next quarter, and sharing with peers to increase learning and accountability. Progress builds in stages, and after 24 months of the workshops, most entrepreneurs have significantly transformed themselves and their businesses to support greater productivity, unlimited growth, and greatly expanded personal freedom.

At present we offer “MasterMind” webinars for our international clients as a substitute for live workshops. Where a concentration of clients presents itself we will introduce Radical Re-Focus Accountability MasterMind Workshop™ to international locations as well.

Radical Re-FOCUS MasterMind™ session topics include but are not limited to:

  • Perfecting the Business Plan Process
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Current-Day Marketing Strategies
  • Sales Conversations That Close
  • Time Management
  • Social Media
  • Systems of Measurement & Accountability
  • More as Driven by the Member Needs

Begin NOW thinking like a CEO!


Then between Quarterly sessions report in weekly with your FOCUS Accountability Weekly Commitment Report just how and when each week you plan to fulfill your One Page Business Plan Action Plans, plus detail your BIG 5 Marketing Activities and Celebrate what went well in the prior week.
The FOCUS Accountability Weekly Commitment Report lands in your mail box automatically every Sunday for you to complete every Monday and submit back to Focus31 for our detailed review and comments/feedback.


Then Weekly book your personal time any Friday for our FOCUS Q&A. A dedicated 30-minute one-on-one personal business coaching time for you with James Burgess himself or a professional coach on our team. Giving you time to address any immediate threat, opportunity, weakness or strength you want to defend, build off, improve or leverage.


PLUS….participate bi-weekly in our FOCUS Check-In webinars where James Burgess himself or a qualified member of our professional team will facilitate a discussion on; current events, powerful learning opportunities, perfecting the business plan process or provide an opportunity for you to present to our membership a crucial product or service offer.

Coming soon to the FOCUS Accountability System...FOCUS R&R. A Reward and Recognition program that will measure participant members against a series of benchmarks, evaluating member performances against each and Recognizing and Rewarding top performances. Anticipated launch date of FOCUS R&R is 10/31/14.

The reason it hasn’t worked for you in the past and will never work is lack of accountability. You need someone to hold you to the fire. You need someone who has done it themselves to enable you, OVER THE LONG TERM, to stay focused and responsible for implementing. It’s not about getting more KNOWLEDGE; it’s about DOING what you already know you need to do to become more successful.

Our company is called Focus31. The 31 stands for 31 days of focus per month; not once in a while, not on weekdays only… some of the time…all of the time. You can do it with the right system and the Focus Accountability System™ is such a system.

The Focus Accountability System™ is a 24 month, tax deductible business-improvement system.

Quarter by quarter, week by week by participating in a structured process of; quarterly workshop, weekly commitments, weekly coaching calls and bi weekly webinars, focusing just on building your future, your confidence grows tremendously. It’s proven and the experience is GUARANTEED.

As a progressive business owner what is your next logical 1st step?


Join the FOCUS Accountability System Group program to aim high and achieve more. QUALIFY NOW to join the FOCUS Accountability System community.

There is a new breed of business owner in the marketplace today. These business owners are either starting up new businesses or reinventing established businesses. These individuals are intensely passionate and strategic. They are very competitive and sincere.

They care about people, the environment, and their communities. They do not run their businesses casually.

These business owners however, share one critical constraint …every dollar counts!

If you want more clarity, effectiveness, and focus in your business and if you want to achieve the business $UCCE$$ that today you still only dream about and you want that solution to be economically viable then the Focus Accountability System™ – Group program may be your answer.

The greatest danger we all face is not that we aim to high and miss but that we aim to low and achieve (Michelangelo)

Author and Founder of Focus31, James Burgess has met thousands more current-day business owners then Michelangelo has and his apprehension is that the true greatest danger we all face is not the we will aim too high and miss but that we will aim too low and still miss!


Join the FOCUS Accountability System Group program to aim high and achieve more. QUALIFY NOW to join the FOCUS Accountability System community.