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We’re Certain You Will Find This Workbook & Worksheets Useful As You Work Through Reading CHAOS!

Hey we’re delighted you are thinking about downloading our FREE gift of the STOP The CHAOS Workbook and our series of Worksheets. These are all a compliment to James Burgess’ international bestselling book CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus (Get it FREE). Many of the Chapters in this book have exercises and rather than mess up your book we have recreated the important exercises here just for you. For example, Chapter 1 introduces the concept of Your Life’s Primary Objective and you’ll find the exercise from that chapter below. Chapter 6 introduces a Sales Conversation script exercise to build a sales conversation that actually closes business. Then Chapter 8 explains how to build a Business Plan and gives you exercises to work through. You can NOW capture that Business Plan in the workbook below. PLUS so much more. Here is what you will receive in one single email for FREE:

  1. STOP The CHAOS Workbook – to build your Business Plan
  2. CHAOS Book Commitments – A record of your decisions to use the learning from the book CHAOS
  3. The Perfect Customer Exercise – target in on who is your perfect customer so you know where to find them
  4. Objectives Exercise – learn how easy it is to craft a set of Annual Objectives (Targets) that set you up for success
  5. Weekly FOCUS Accountability Commitment– hold yourself accountable each week to work ON and IN your business.
  6. Quarterly FOCUS Accountability Commitment – identify the key success factors for each Quarter
  7. Life’s Primary Objective – ensure your personal and business intentions are aligned.
  8. 8-Step Sales Conversation – create a sales conversation that actually closes business
  9. Goal Setting – set personal SMART Goals
  10. Core & Specialty Skills To Practice – professional and amateur athletes always practice skills, business owners….not so much. Identify what skills you need to improve upon to be more successful
  11. Customer Satisfaction Quiz – test your understanding of Customer Service
  12. Fly Like An Eagle – understand the traits of successful people and mirror them

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