What a day!  My 8-year old daughter gets 15/15 on a spelling test and 34/35 on her first science test and FOCUS31 launches our FREE Home Study Course, FOCUS Yourself; A 7-Module Business Plan Program to rave reviews based on registrations so far today.

If you aren’t on our direct mailing list you will have missed the announcement.  So for our blog viewers here it is….

Having followed FOCUS31 for some time now and maybe attended our workshops or watched our videos you know we believe that Business Planning is IMPORTANT, it’s been BROKEN, it’s EASY, FAST and SUSTAINABLE and entirely PRACTICAL.  We have proven it time and time again.  Well today we are pleased to announce that it is also FREE!

We are pleased to announce today the launch of ourFocus Yourself Revised


FOCUS31 and international bestselling author James Burgess are pleased to present to you over 85 Blog articles on Business Planning, Business Management and Sales & Marketing. We also invite you to appraise our full suite of Business Management Services dedicated to Small Business Owners.

FREE FOCUS Yourself; A 7-Module Business Plan Program!

As a business owner you told us that you wanted to be more financially successful and you knew that business planning was a core activity to achieve that success and focus on the right activities to achieve new milestones. You agreed with FOCUS31 that; business planning was BROKEN, it shouldn’t take pages upon pages to write, that surely it can be EASY and FAST and that it should have flexibility to remain relevant and be SUSTAINABLE with a modicum of time.

As a business owner you also told us that while business planning was critical you were concerned for the expense of working with FOCUS31 to generate your business plan despite our Positive Experience Promise, our guarantee.

So we did it just for you! We created THE Home Study Course for Business Planning, FOCUS Yourself; A 7-Module Business Plan Program! AND we made it FREE!

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But wait that’s not all! If you have really listened to us at FOCUS31 you know we aren’t big believers of do-it-yourself business planning. How can you challenge your comfort zone when…when you look in the mirror all you see is yourself after all?

So our Home Study Course, FOCUS Yourself; A 7-Module Business Plan Program includes interaction with FOCUS31 expertise not once but a minimum of TWICE through the 7-Module program.

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Let’s get your business plan aligned with your dreams and start achieving those bigger, much bigger financial milestones.

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We hope you are enjoying this blog article “LAUNCHED TODAY! FREE Business Plan Program”. To start to build your Business Plan NOW for FREE join our FOCUS Yourself; A 7-Module Business Planning Program.


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