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FOCUS31's industry leading FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM

Is TRANSFORMING the "Business Plan"

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FOCUS 31 The FOCUS Firm: Clarity & Accountability For
Business Owners Who Want To Get & Stay On Track

The FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM

System  = a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method
Protocol = the accepted or established code of procedure or behavior in any group, organization, or situation.
FOCUS31’s industry leading FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM transforms “A BUSINESS PLAN” into an ORGANIZED set of PRINCIPLES following an ESTABLISHED CODE of PROCEDURES that:
  • Enables A Business Owner to create a Business Plan EASILY & FAST
  • Holds the Business Owner ACCOUNTABLE to engage in the IMPLEMENTATION of the Business Plan Weekly
  • Provides access to business improvement ADVICE weekly supporting the SUCCESSFUL implementation of the Business Plan
  • Delvers the opportunity for the Business Owner to know EXACTLY what they need to DO to ACHIEVE their defined SUCCESS
  • Ensures the Business Plan is always CURRENT

5-STEPS & 6-SECRETS For Business Success

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The FOCUS31 Positive Experience Promise; if a client of FOCUS31 is not entirely satisfied with the Business Planning learning experience we will refund the cost 100% and only the client decides if they are satisfied or not

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Enabling Small Businesses To THRIVE Not Just Survive

If you want more clarity, effectiveness, and focus in your business and if you want to achieve the business $UCCE$$ that today you still only DREAM about and you want that solution to be economically viable…then the Focus Accountability System Protocol™ may be your answer.

The Focus Accountability System Protocol™ is the INDUSTRY LEADING Business Planning process that ensures your business will THRIVE not just SURVIVE and we GUARANTEE it with our Positive Experience Promise.

“I’ll be honest, I love goals and planning but I have never managed to make it a habit. Working with James has finally given me the push I needed to focus on my business every single week. And it shows! My revenues have doubled this year and are on pace to double again next year. Thank you, Mr. Burgess, you’ve made business planning fun and profitable!” – Vanessa – Owner

“Working with James and the discipline of weekly planning has been revolutionary for my business. He kicked my butt out of my very comfortable comfort zone and got me to see creative solutions and new markets for expansion. Because of the Visioning process I have grown my local business into a national integrated packaging solutions provider in less than a year.” – Ian – Owner

Is it your time to pull the trigger on $UCCESS? Then join the Focus Accountability System™ Community!!!

Take Your Business To New Profitability Through Radical FOCUS & ACCOUNTABILITY

Master the Power of Business Planning & Other Business Strategies with James Burgess Author of CHAOS.


A FREE to you copy of James Burgess’ international bestselling book CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus.

Inside You Will Discover…

Get ALL of Your Business Planning Questions
Answered With Our 22-FAQ.

Most Common Questions

What is a business plan? | What is a Vision Statement?
What is a Mission Statement? | What are  Objectives?


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