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FOCUS31offers a variety of Business Planning Programs to meet every conceivable business or department circumstance. Each Business Planning Program offers the opportunity for the business leader to become more FOCUSed on, and accountable for, the activities that will truly enable the business or department to achieve new platforms of SUCCESS.

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EASY & FAST Business Planning

If you’re like most small business owners, you cringe at the idea of a Business Plan. You’ve invariably been told you should have one even need one. Whomever the resource was that gave you that insightful recommendation you discounted it. You prefer your Business Planning approach of keeping your plan in your head.

The Problem?

In your head the business plan offers; no clarity of the future opportunity for your business, no focus on where you are going and no accountability for actually doing what is necessary to achieve your greatness. And how’s that working for you? Why did you discount such sage advice so quickly?

Did you:

  1. Not even know what a Business Plan was?
  2. Believe a Business Plan would take too long thinking it needed to be 25 pages long?
  3. Think a Business Plan was only for your banker when, or if, you needed a business loan?
  4. Hear a Business Plan wasn’t sustainable so decided not to even start?
  5. See yourself paying someone $10,000, $15,000 or even $25,000 to write the Business Plan for you?

What if you were wrong? In fact your DIY Business Plan is FREE or as little as $500 for a Do-It-With-You approach? More importantly it is EASY, FAST, SUSTAINABLE and entirely PRACTICAL and truly offers you clarity on where the business should go, focus on how to get there and accountability to do what was necessary to create the financial success you now may only dream of? Would that be interesting to you?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then LEARN MORE NOW about our FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM of Business Planning Programs.

If you don’t have a Business Plan you are surely feeling worried, maybe even frustrated that the business you have worked so hard for just isn’t performing as you know it could be. You maybe just plain-out angry that this business that you have sacrificed so much time and money for, expecting it to give you the dream life you wanted, is literally taking everything you’ve got. Worse yet sucking the life right out of you!

Make The Shift

It doesn’t have to be that way, wouldn’t you like to feel optimistic about the future of your business again. Imagine how great it would be to be feeling hopeFULL instead of helpLESS. Imagine that feeling of RELIEF you will experience as you’re business starts to grow again – and then THRIVE not just survive!

LAUNCH YOUR INTENTIONS to build a business that will THRIVE NOW! LEARN MORE about our FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM of Business Planning Programs

So what was it that prompted the decision for you to own a business? We believe all the reasons you had can be loaded into one of three-buckets.


If freedom, having no boss and no measurements of performance expectation were three of the drivers that lead you to become an entrepreneur, then the risk is FAR greater that you will follow the millions of entrepreneurs that preceded you to their demise than there is potential for you to achieve the financial success you are dreaming of and well….waiting for!


You can’t do what you want when you want measuring nothing to understand if what you are doing when you want to do it and how you want to do it is getting you to where you think you want to be.

That is Business CHAOS. Frankly that is CHAOS2.0 and leads business owners to their DEMISE and not their SUCCESS. At FOCUS31 we’d like to give you options to CONQUER the CHAOS2.0 reclaim your FREEDOM, real FREEDOM, and DOUBLE your Revenue.

If that would be interesting to you BEGIN NOW by LEARNING MORE about our FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM of Business Planning Programs!

Your past attitude towards Business Planning hasn’t been wrong. Business Planning has been broken. It has been crippled by bankers, accountants and consultants. It has been devastated by everyone who tells you it needs to be 5 – 50 pages long. They’re wrong. That’s a story not a Business Plan and serves no purpose because it’s impractical and you’ll likely have no ownership for it because you’ll hire someone else to write it for you AND…therefore, won’t even understand it!

What You Need

Our FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM Business Planning methodology takes just a few hours for YOU or US together to complete. We’ll build your Business Plan together on our Business Planning system protocol platform and when you manage to the on-going engagement in your Business Plan that we recommend then an annual plan need never take more than 90-minutes ever again.

In Case You Missed It

Because we’ve made Business Planning EASY, FAST (two words you’ve never heard about Business Planning).


You’ll feel ownership for it because it’s all you and it is sustainable indefinitely with as little as 10-minutes weekly and is therefore, entirely practical.

The Outcome

A new business future of radical focus on, and accountability for, the business activities that will truly advance your business to the next level of Revenue.

DOUBLING or even TRIPLING your Revenues, is waiting for you. LEARN MORE NOW about our FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM of Business Planning Programs.

Think of your business growth as a journey and so think of your Business Plan as a map. That isn’t a new idea but let us give you 5 new ideas that will give that map structure. The road map has 5 components; Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Objectives, Strategy Statements PLUS the all important Action Plans that detail how you’ll IMPLEMENT the Business Plan. These terms certainly aren’t new to you. But what each really means and how you create them easily and effortlessly so they are incredibly relevant to guiding your business we know will be.

Dig deeper on understanding each component of SUCCESSFUL Business Planning with our FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM of Business Planning Programs. LEARN MORE about those programs NOW!

And you do it with the mindset of Michelangelo “The greatest danger we all face is not that we aim to high and miss but that we aim to low and achieve” And frankly we’ve met far more current day business owners than Michelangelo so we believe we “aim to low and still miss”. So open the door on all the possibilities by aiming HIGH and being successful.

Think about this!

If multinationals have business management systems and controls in place to be successful, if a $10,000,000 mid-market business has business management systems and controls to build off of to be successful, doesn’t it make sense for every business from start-up to $10,000,000 to imitate them and implement business from a system and control perspective?

Of Course it does!

But not everyone will buy-in to that idea because they’ll think it complicated or too complex to implement. You now know that it is EASY & FAST and now have a huge competitive advantage. OPPORTUNITY is knocking are you ready to step through the door? There are easy solutions to create the business management systems that keep you focused on your passion for success and that provides a constant road map to get you there? Systems that will allow you to reclaim real freedom, financial freedom, family-time freedom and time to enjoy life because your business no longer owns your time because systems and responsible people are running it!

he first system off of which all other systems can be built is the oldest tool ever known for business SUCCESS and that is having a system of Business Planning, building a culture of Business Planning. All the answers you need are here with our FOCUS Accountability System ProtocolTM of Business Planning programs. LEARN MORE NOW!