Sell….Don’t Spell!!!

James Burgess, Focus31, SellGooch, a newly hired traveling salesman wrote his first sales report to the home office. It stunned the brass in the sales department because it was obvious that the new salesman was ignorant!

Here’s what he wrote:

“. . . seen this outfit which they ain’t never bot a dime’s worth of nothing from us and I sole them some goods. I’m now going to Chicago.”James Burgess, Focus31, Sell Dont Spell

Before this man could be given the heave-ho by the sales manager, along came his letter from Chicwgo:

“I cum hear and sole them half a millyon.”

Afraid to fire the ignorant salesman yet fearful if he didn’t, the sales manager dumped the problem in the lap of the president. The following morning, the ivory towered sales department members were amazed to see posted on the bulletin board above the two letters written by the ignorant salesman this memo from the president:

“Weve been spnding two much time trying to spell instead of  trying to sell. Let’s watch those sails. I want everybody should read these letters from Gooch who is on the rode doing a grate job for us and you should go out and do like he done.”

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