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Gain Instant Authority, Instant Credibility
As A Management Consultant

Become The Co-Author Of The International Bestselling Book, Chaos; How Business Leader Can Master The Power Of Focus

Crush Through Your Revenue Goals

IMMEDIATELY Launch 5-New Revenue Generating Programs

STOP Your Feast Or Famine Business Model

With Continuous Lead Generation & Up-level Your Business

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The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience
Your Management Consulting License For SUCCESS

Join Our DREAM Management Consulting Practice Team

FOCUS31 is enabling you to dispense with the time-consuming building of your offers, programs, marketing systems and the like and get down to the pure art of CLIENT ENGAGEMENT.

FOCUS31 is offering you your own Management-Consulting-Practice-In-A-Box with The FOCUS Dream Consulting Experience Program.

If you are a management consulting company or business coaching practice and you:

  1. Haven’t hit the Revenues you were hoping for, DREAMing of.
  2. Haven’t discovered how to scale your business.
  3. Suffer from feast or famine client engagements.
  4. Don’t have a constant stream of new prospect leads.
  5. Have watched every webinar imaginable on all the tools you apparently SHOULD build to be successful and never complete more than 50% of the work.

Then we have just 1-question,…


The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience Program is a licensing agreement between your firm and FOCUS31 to give you all of the tools to achieve your GREATNESS as a Management Consultant or Business Coach.

The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience Licensing Agreement includes:

  •  INSTANT AUTHORITY, INSTANT CREDIBILITY as an International Bestselling Author within 60-Days
  •  5-new Revenues Streams ready to launch from Day 1 that will enable you to SELL, SELL MORE AND SELL MORE OFTEN generating 10s of $1,000s more Revenue per client.
  •  6 Attraction Marketing Devices, FREE offers, to draw traffic into your website.
  •  Access to your own Back Office Support Team freeing you of the mind-numbing support tasks
  •  PLUS UNLIMTED leads with the Cracking the Social Media Code for Success program

This is NOT a Business Coach FRANCHISE!

With the FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience Program you are not bound by the restrictions of a Business Coach FRANCHISE.  You are FREE to use your own branding, add new Revenue sources and scale your business any way you want.  In fact, we will encourage you to do just that.

There are NO COMMISSIONS or ROYALITES to pay that are typical with a Business Coach FRANCHISE.




If this sounds the least bit INTRIGUING to you, the least bit ENTICING to you, then REGISTER NOW for a no obligation chat to help us identify together if there is a fit for you within the FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience Program.




THE FOCUS DREAM Consulting Practice Experience License Agreement Provides

  • The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience Fundamentals Program

  • Unlimited
  • The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience Performance Program

  • Unlimited

Licensee Investment

Cost and Fees

Joining The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience license is a remarkably affordable proposition. Here is a brief look at the requirements to become a FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience licensee.

  • Licensing FREE Options: From $19,987 To $24,987
  • Annual Renewal: From $887 to $1,987
  • Monthly Fee For Service: FREE For 30-Days
  • On-going Commissions: NIL/$0/Nada/Nothing
  • Business Type: Licensing
  • Training and Support: Absolutely & On-going
  • Out-Of-Pocket Expenses: Optional

“**The Monthly FEE For Service Is Wholly Dependent Upon The Marketing Services Required.

Domestic and International Opportunities Are Available

The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience is launching with the intention of having a global community of participants initially focusing on Canada and the U.S.

If you are a new Business Management Consultant or Business Coach with LESS than 5-years operating your own practice, or someone just thinking of setting out on your own as a management consultant, then The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience was tailored for you to ensure you experience your own DREAM Consulting practice.

Join The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience, your Consulting-Practice-In-A-Box, an affordable way to launch, build and grow your consulting practice faster (and scalable) attaining the Revenue Dreams you want, the experience you desire.

To learn more REGISTER NOW for a quick chat with a member of our Licensing Team.

Reasons To Join The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience

Experience The POWER Of
Instant Authority

Become an INSTANT International Bestselling Author

Immediately Start Selling MORE

With 5-New Revenue Generating Programs

Ensure Maximum LEAD Generation

With PROVEN Integrated PUSH-Marketing Strategies

The FOCUS DREAM Consulting Experience Program

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