I don’t normally use this blog site for day to day marketing messages.  But every once in awhile an opportunity comes along that has such value that you just have to share it.  Such is the case today.

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I have just been asked to speak on Conquering CHAOS; A 5-Step Planning and Performance System by Gerry Robert, international best selling author of the Millionaire Mindset at his up-coming Rapid Results Marketing Workshop this weekend January 27 – 29.

James Burgess, Focus31, Marketing

Gerry has just returned from a global tour delivering 15 seminars in 20 days in Europe, Asia and the U.S.  Next stop…Vaughan, Ontario.  If you will be in the Greater Toronto Area this weekend then register NOW for this 2.5 day workshop.  Gerry will share:

  • How to build marketing strategies that dominate your competition
  • How to become the DOMINATOR in your area of business
  • How to use MAGNETS to attract hundreds upon hundreds of future clients
  • How to use ZERO COST marketing to catapult your business
  • How to become a LOCAL CELEBRITY using articles, a book or speaking engagements
  • How to use FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE and other social media the RIGHT WAY
  • And so much more.

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Now tickets are normally $299 for any Rapid Results Marketing Workshop.  But Gerry has given me a number of tickets to give away for FREE to my business friends as I will be sharing the stage with him.


So here is what I need you to do to take advantage of this huge opportunity; send me an email with FREE tickets in the Subject line, include your name, company name, phone number, email and address and I’ll personally register you to make sure you get in.


But do it now to take advantage of this huge opportunity to learn for FREE directly from Gerry Robert himself the  international best selling author of the Millionaire Mindset.


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