With the pending launch of my book CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus on April 11, 2013 in the Greater Toronto Area I will have some 100 – 200 business owners mingling about (I hope you’ll be one of them).  That image prompted me to think about NETWORKING.  I want to enable you to maximize on your networking time at my book launch and to maximize on your networking at any event thereafter.  So here are 4 SECRETS for networking:James Burgess, Focus 31 CHAOS book-cover

  1. The one talking is the one being sold.  If you’re talking you’re being sold out the door.
  2. As my good friend Gerry Robert says “Selling is like Kissing” you have to get your prospect leaning forward.  Check your body’s reaction the next time someone is yaking at you about what they do at a networking event.  You’ll discover you’re not leaning forward your falling back.  So why do you think your business friends are doing any differently when you’re the one yaking?
  3. Make the conversation about THEM by asking great questions.  Don’t sell!  Build a business friendship.  If you sell when you are networking you’re too desperate.  Lead your new business friend down your Yellow Brick Road with well positioned and chained questions that get them to ask the right question of you.  Follow Michael Angelo Caruso’s example here.  Click on his image below to watch his video now.James Burgess, Focus31, Networking
  4. Now when you are new at this you’re going to concentrate too hard on what question to ask next and you may lose track of what your new business friend has just told you.  Relax.    If you get lost at any time in a conversation just remember to say “Tell me more about……” and fill in the last thing they said.  You’ll be back on track.

If they ask you “and what do you do” before you’ve lead them to the hook like Caruso does…look for my next blog on how to handle that problem the Jeffery Gitomer way.

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 Then register to attend the book launch party at focus31.com/chaos-book-launch.

Watch for “Networking Made Easy Part II” in the next day or so.



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