James Burgess, Focus31, Say it isnt soIt is well recognized that in the international corporate world it is incumbent upon CEOs to protect their organization’s valued HR resources especially their leaders.  One would expect, in fact, that the best of the best would have a well positioned succession plan in place for their top performers.  Now granted it gets tight for openings at the top of the pyramid so some strong performers might fall by the wayside….but if you had maybe one of the top 3 performers in all the world in your organization you’d think you’d make sure they weren’t going anywhere.


So how is it the Canadian Government has let Mark Carney slip away.  Stephen you’ve known this guy was beyond good, you knew he had aspirations.  You mean to tell me we have nothing in Canada to hold his interest here?  I’m thinking it is just a tad late to be striking a committee to identify Mr. Carney’s replacement.  We should have had a succession plan committee in place 12 months ago that not only was working on his replacement but on how to keep his interest in Canada.    


I hope the opposition parties are banging on their desk today in the House of Commons yelling out “SHAME!”


I  guess the Red Rose tea commercial tag line still holds…”only in Canada you say….pity!”


Click HERE for Vancouver Sun article


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