James Burgess, Focus31, Small Business DemiseThe very reasons we start a business; FREEDOM, No Boss and No Targets may be the very reason we face our small business demise  To experience business SUCCESS instead give up some of the FREEDOM, be your own BOSS and MEASURE what is happening through a business plan system.

Statistics Canada reported in 2012 that for the period 2002 to 2008, 100,000 new business were opened each year.  On the surface that sounds really robust.

Not so fast.

They went on to say that within the first year 15% had failed, then 35% failed within 2-years and over 50% had failed within 3 years. 

But it gets worse.  Of the 100,000 new business started each year during that period the NET NEW businesses added were only…wait for it….9,000!

So what is the problem?


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If CHAOS is just the opposite of ORDER!  Then it is fair to say that all of us are managing CHAOS because none of us dare say our businesses are in ORDER.

Accepting this, then the extraordinary rate of our demise is because we can’t manage CHAOS doing WHAT we want, WHEN we want and HOW we want, measuring nothing to understand if what we are doing, when we do it and how we are doing is having ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????any positive impact on our business success.

And yet because we want FREEDOM, No Boss and No Targets that is exactly how we run our businesses.

My perspective?  That’s CHAOS2.0.

Get control of your business and reduce the CHAOS through radical FOCUS on, and Accountability for, the activities that will truly advance your business success.  Get control, be focused and be accountable with a business plan. 

But don’t use a business plan template that offers no guidance on how to complete it.  Find a program that leads you through the business plan process and that makes it easy, fast and sustainable so it is entirely practical for you.  As a business owner you only have time for practical solutions.

If you don’t think such a business plan program exits check out the business plan solution below under “What’s The Next Step”.  It not only exists. its FREEFREE and incredibly valuable if your are prepared to give up some of the FREEDOM you currently think you enjoy by running your business from issue fire to issue fire never focused on the powerful project work that will send your business rocketing to new successes.


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