James Burgess, Focus31, Obama, StartQ1/2014 has come and gone. Well almost as I know we are all pushing through the final selling days of next week before we start the next Quarter. Right?

So how is it going?  Much as 2013.? 

Did you plan to make it different in 2014?

Did you you make a resolution to start a business plan in 2014?  Did it last?  Did you even know how to go about doing it?

You know you should right?  Ya but everyone has those horror stories about business planning don’t they.  So why start right?

Of course those that are successful with business planning are the ones you never hear from.  They want to keep it a secret…a BIG SECRET

Why would they share their great stories of how successful business planning has made them? 

They’d much rather have you believe that it; takes too long, is too big and will never accomplish anything and you only need it when you need a bank loan.  They’d even encourage you to go on believing that that brilliant business plan of yours belongs in…YOUR HEAD

Sure go ahead believe that while the rest of us who have figured it out continue to grab market share from you.


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A good friend of mine when he retells a preposterous statement made by others turns to his audience and says….SHUT-UP!

James Burgess, Focus31, Start Stop Button

I’ll just say STOP!  STOP the madness instead

You need to business plan because, oh I don’t know how about because; you’ll clarify the future so it can be achieved, you’ll make better quality decision, you’ll focus on the right priorities, you’ll think strategically instead of always tactically and you’ll build a business based on continuous improvement. 

Ya STOP...you need a business plan

Oh…wait…..right….I forgot it’s already Q1/2014.  That would be a foolish time to start a business plan wouldn’t it?  I mean come on the first Quarter is already in the wind…Right? 

Go on keep believing that and I’ll just keep taking more of that market share from you.

Sure if you think of a business plan as a TASK it might be too late to start!.

But it isn’t.  It is a process and process of learning and engaging and re-engaging in your business and the decisions that will move you forward.. 

So here this right now…any time is a good time to start business planning because you’ll start re-earning that market share from me sooner

Here is another reason to start business planning now…RIGHT NOW!


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You’re right, Q1/2014 has already ended!  And you could think that since there are another 31 Quarters left in the next 7-Year cycle you can just sit back and say “who cares”.   I’ll start building up tomorrow!

You’d better care.  You better care right…NOW or again plan to GIVE, just hand over to your competition, even more market share because you failed to ready your business to capture your fair share, even MORE than your fair share, of the improving business market.

Improving Business Market?  Nobody said anything about an improving Business Market!

Well two of us did

James_burgessI said it on January 17, 2014 to my clients.

President Obama said it to the World 2-weeks later on January 28 during his State of the Union Address.

What did we both say?

We said 2014 is about OPPORTUNITY!   Business and employment opportunity!

You see Obama and I can count….2008 + 7 = 2015.

A 7-year economic cycle is coming to an end. It is highly probable that 2014 (allowing for any unforeseen catastrophes) will be the first year to anchor an economic recovery. James Burgess, Focus31, Start, Anchor

So what about your business???


Start with a well thought through business plan that is easy and fast to create, sustainable with no more than 10-minutes per week and is entirely PRACTICAL

If you are ready to get serious about the opportunity 2014 is waiting, just waiting to give you, then check out this resource right HERE if you are in the Toronto area

That resource will set your stage for focus on, and accountability for, the activities that will truly advance you business to new $UCCE$$ starting right…NOW!

If you are going to do it yourself then click HERE to build your plan.with just a great resource and here are just 7 areas of your business to check-on:

  1. Finances – Can you finance growth?
  2. Sales – Are you really that good at selling?  Is your sales force?
  3. Marketing – Do you still sell by the hour?  Really?
  4. Marketing – Is there consistency in your message everywhere your prospects see you?  Really?
  5. Marketing – Is your web site doing anything?   Is your Social Media a help or hindrance?
  6. Customer – Do they love you or tolerate you?
  7. Customer – Do you love them or tolerate them?

Not ready to examine ALL of this on your own?   Then get clear direction with this resource right HERE or do-it-yourself HERE  

There are 31 Quarters left in the next 7-Year cycle.  Don’t wait until the 32 Quarter to WAKE UP!


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