An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.” ~Stephen Covey

If you reach the point of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and this causes your work to slow down, you

may need to take a look at your delegation skills. Working alone, working hard, and working long hours can limit the amount you are able to do because there is a limit to your abilities as well as the number of hours in a day. Working alone limits the number of people you can help which in turn limits your success and leaves you with the feeling that you are letting people down.

The positive side to this limiting problem is that you can learn to delegate your work to other capable people as you build a strong team to help serve the demands of business.

Delegation is an important skill, one that needs to be learned and practiced on an ongoing basis. Learning how to delegate accelerates success for you, your organization, and your team.

If we know it is an important key for our success, why don’t we delegate? Here are some of the excuses I routinely hear:

  • No time: I have no time to teach a team member the task
  • No energy: It takes a lot of energy to follow-up and keep team members on task for success.
  • I can do it better: I know what needs to be done and can do it better and faster so I’ll just do it.
  • Why should I?: Why should I train someone to do my job?
  • Can’t afford to: I’m a business owner with less than $X in revenue. I have to wear all the hats.

Why should you delegate? Because, if you are in a leadership position, your job is to take the time  the

energy to train others to do more so that you, your team, and your organization are more successful. Like so many things, the decision to delegate or not begins with mindset. I have spoken with far too many business owners who don’t delegate because:

  • Their employees are just a commodity and not a human resource to be nurtured, grown and challenged.
  • They think, “They are just going to leave and take the learning I give them with them.”
  • Then they would have to work on their business activities which would cause them too great a gut wrench.

Don’t be too harsh to judge until you have examined your own outlook on the value of employees with a critical eye.


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