Selling By An Hourly Rate!!!

Stop Now!

The easiest way to close a new sale is to minimize the opportunity for your prospect James Burgess, Focus31, Sellingto object.

If you sell by the hour then….every….single….time you are selling you are walking into your own “No Thanks” trap.

1. Listen you made yourself too comparable to everyone else

2. Can you see you can only negotiate on price when they object?

Would you like to close more business?

Increasing $$$Would you like to keep your profit margin?

Would you like to feel the confidence that you’re ready to close more often, to hear your prospects buy, buy more and buy more often?

Of course you would!

Then STOP selling an hourly service and create packages or programs

Learn NOW  from the best of the best about how to sell NOT once but 3 times in one sales conversation….no not from me. I’m good but allow me to share here examples from 2 of the very best multinational companies.

1.  McDonald’s:  Those of you reading this article with gray hair will remember that back in the 1970’s when you walked up to the counter to buy a burger (don’t think they were called sandwiches back then) you simply said “I’d like a Big Mac please”.  Then what happened?  Do you remember?  The server would ask you “would you like fries and a drink with that?”  They might even ask if you wanted a hot apple pie (whatever happe3ned to that hot apple pie?).  McDonald’s trained their staff to up-sell you from the Big Mac with a 3:1 or even 4:1 cross sell ratio.  They were brilliant.  But even McDonald’s realized there was a better way then to rely on the staff to be scripted and well practiced (as easy as the script was there was still a risk it wouldn’t get asked).  So they created a package!  They created the MEAL option.  Now you just say “I’d like a #1” and bingo they have not sold you a single product they have sold you 3.  How much would your business benefit if every time you closed a sale you sold the equivalent of 3-product/services?  Would it Double, Triple or even Quadruple your revenues?

2.  Tim Hortons: Originally a Canadian experience and now Tims (as we Canadian call them) has gone global.  Tim Hortoins started in 1967 actually as a burger joint.  Shortly thereafter they moved into donuts and their famous coffee.  Tims now offers 5 different sizes of coffee but for this example lets go back to its origins.  Initially Tims sold just 2 sizes of coffee cup.  They were small and the other one.  I’m too young to know if it was called medium or large.  The next stage was to move to 3 sizes; small, medium and large.  Why?  Presented with just 2 options the buying behaviour of most consumers is to buy the lower option.  Realizing this Tims moved to the 3 cup option.  Because when presented with 3-choices the average consumer will buy to the MIDDLE.  So for a slightly bigger cup, slightly more coffee Tims earned a massive proportionate amount of revenue by having their consumers set aside the small buying to the medium with a higher propensity and periodically the large when a bigger hit of cafefine was needed..

As a business owner imagine the Revenue impact on your business of combining these two strategies together.  What if you had a small, medium and large offer not of a single product but of a package or program, your equivalent of a meal?  What if you sold to the middle and when there was an objection you didn’t drop your price you simply down-sold to your introductory offer.  Better yet if someone too readily said yes to your medium offer you then had the opportunity to up-sell this new client to your Premium package.    Do you think in short order you could Double, Triple or even Quadruple your Revenues?  I know you could!

So STOP selling by the hour and get creative so you can generate massive revenue growth mirroring what you experience yourself every single day as a consumer.

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