James Burgess, Focus31, CommunicationA small business expert from the United States is giving entrepreneurs advice for opening up communication lines between businesses and their employees in Canada.

Denise O’Berry says that in order to build a relationship among people in a small business, companies must have a good way to connect with one another in a friendly and mutually beneficial manner. The first step that O’Berry suggests is to make sure that the company’s email is set up so that a message is able to get to more than one person at a time. Another good way is to use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to help give people inside the company a sense of belonging and friendship among those they work with.

O’Berry also says that having an in-person meeting with employees is another positive thing that small business owners can do if they want to have a better relationship with those who work for them. By getting to know someone face-to-face, a lot can be learned by both parties.

O’Berry was in the news recently after focusing on another aspect of small business communication – phone service. On her blog, the small business veteran says that she uses Skype as her main business phone service to cut down on costs.


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