When I think of effective delegation I strongly believe there are 5-key benefits to a team leader. They are:

You multiply yourself: The more you delegate, the more you create employees who can accomplish much more in much less time. You are known as someone who gets things done with self- directed employees.

You create a motivated team: The more you delegate, the more your employees are motivated because they see you as someone who trusts them and their abilities to get things accomplished. Because your employees are motivated, they take more initiative to create solutions, become more creative, and are willing to take on more responsibilities.


You master stress and time management skills: You are forced to prioritize your tasks and realize that there are tasks that you do not need to do that would be perfect to develop your employees. By learning how to prioritize your tasks for delegation, you will be less stressed during the workday and you will go home at the end of the day satisfied that you accomplished more.

You are known as a person who develops people: The more you delegate, the more you will be known within the industry as a person who develops people. Remember, even when you think no one is watching, someone is always watching the way you achieve success by developing your employees. The word will spread about how well you develop people. Instead of worrying about removing a weak performing employee or losing a high performing employee because you have no new hire pipeline and you dread posting for new hires, you will be an ‘employer of choice’. High performing employees won’t leave. Why would they? Poor performing employees will invariably self-opt out/quit. You won’t have to worry about finding new employees because you will have a robust pipeline of new potential hires as people will be fighting to work for you because they know you have a motivated, creative working environment.

You create opportunities for yourself and others: By delegating tasks to others, you can then take on more advanced tasks (Action Plans and Strategies) that will prepare you and the company for new opportunities for advancement. Another reason why you delegate tasks is so that you can develop yourself to leverage new business opportunities. Delegation will also prepare your employees to be responsible for running the business in your absence. How do you take vacation and leave the smart phone behind? You train and delegate. How do you leave work for other leisure activities you enjoy—without the smart phone? You train and delegate.

I’ll also argue that, as the business owner, you have earned the right to do whatever position in the business you want to do. Don’t want to manage? Want to do sales, R&D, build relationships with your top 20% clients, or want to repair the equipment? Fine, do it. Just train and delegate to a General Manager.

Stop looking into the rear-view mirrors! Create your success. Hire, train, delegate, and grow!


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