James Burgess, Focus31, Time Management SandboxIn my previous time management education post I shared that 60% of business owners and department heads still say time management is their #1 business issue.  60%!

 I also shared 3 secrets to take effective action against weak to poor time management skills; define where you want to go, why you want to be there and what you will do when you get there. weekly define the “first thing” and put it first and stop trying and start doing because SUCCESS is UNCOMFORTABLE! (if you missed it go HERE and come back).

Ultimately, you need Secret #4.  Effective time management is predicated upon “playing” in the right business sandboxes, sandboxes above the horizontal line.

What’s that Jack?

Imagine a matrix with Important on the vertical axis and Urgent on the horizontal axis.  Divide the matrix intFire fightingo 4 equal quadrants….”sandboxes”.

If you are typical and I don’t mean to suggest you are typical but if you are typical then as a business owner or department head you spend the majority of your management time playing below the horizontal line in the:

1.    Un-Important/Not Urgent Sandbox = Time Wasters

2.    Un-Important/Urgent Sandbox =  Firefighting

To Do ListLeading business owners and department heads know a portion of every week needs to be dedicated to playing ABOVE THE HORIZONTAL LINE in the:

1.    Important/Not Urgent Sandbox = Strategizing

2.    Important/Urgent Sandbox = Action Plans/Project Work

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